About Patricia Christie Galleries

At Patricia Christie Galleries we are changing the way the world experiences art. Our mission is to help collectors and aspiring collectors discover, learn about and collect fine art.

"I am an Anthropologist from Colombia with an artistic background by both family and university education. I grew up surrounded by artists and was raised in a house where the greatest pride was in the paintings that decorated the walls.

Since getting married in 1984 I have lived in Scotland, Turkey, Gabon, Russia, Singapore and UAE as well as visiting many more countries, all places which have taught me a lot about people, art and culture.

I have a deep love for art and have a deep desire to promote artists and connect them with collectors.

Patricia Christie Galleries aim is to provide an incentive for people to decorate their homes with the art they love. We want to share the belief that you do not necessarily require wealth, or vast knowledge of art to collect incredible pieces and know what gives you pleasure. It is our intention to encourage people to make their homes special and unique.

Living everyday life surrounded by beauty uplifts the spirit and fills you with joy. We truly believe that collecting art -- the investment, the excitement of choosing, the thrill of the purchasing and the sharing with other people -- is fun, rewarding and very exciting, and we encourage you to experience it with us"

Patricia Christie