Answers, 2014 by Maria Fernanda Cuartas

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150 cm x 120 cm
(58" x 47")
5,250 USD

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Like a metal centipede I arrive at the gate of this cold station, where I bring the answers to many questions. I see how people rush to get off, each one of them to different destinations, each one of them indifferent to other people, some get off the wagon in a stampede towards the turnstile, some look upset. In my baggage I bring my present self. There are some people who get off the train while it is still moving, others wait for their destination, and others disappear in the darkest place at the back of the wagon. It’s just a normal day which fills me with nostalgia. But me in my youth, I go forward… "/>

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Answers - Maria Fernanda Cuartas , 2014 by Maria Fernanda Cuartas

Mixed Media on Canvas

150" x 120"
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