A New Step, 2014 by Maria Fernanda Cuartas

Oil on canvas

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150 cm x 120 cm
(58" x 47")
5,250 USD

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In this work of art I wanted somehow to express the nostalgia, that for one reason or another, people who are forced to escape from reality or from some sort of adversity, feel. 

People who are fleeing from their present and in their suitcase they take with them their memories, their experiences, their past…. hopefully by departing in this train that person would, far away, find some answers to his doubts, of past loves, frustrations, hopes, of winning and losing, of love not reciprocated, of failures and hopes, all in his suitcase…


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A New Step - Maria Fernanda Cuartas , 2014 by Maria Fernanda Cuartas

Mixed Media on Canvas

150" x 120"
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