Lisandro Ramacciotti

Lisandro Ramacciotti

Lisandro Ramacciotti, born in Viareggio, Italy, in 1950, employs a feminine narrative and characterizes his works with an original mixed media technique. He portrays idealized women from diverse cultural backgrounds, each within distinct atmospheres of melancholy, loneliness, intimacy, and conflict.

Ramacciotti’s figures always exude elegance. The observer examines them, and they, the women, either scrutinize the observer or completely ignore their presence. Some might argue that his women conceal their true identity. However, Ramacciotti’s women are emancipated and in control.

He imagines and portrays women, blurring the lines between the real and the imagined. As an audience, we seldom discern which ones are imagined and which ones are real. Ramacciotti’s keen observational skills create mystery and curiosity around his artistic subjects.

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Claudio Bertolini on recent catalog presented at the Paris exhibition of Ramacciotti " Lisandro began in 1980 painting women. Theever-changing collection of female figures is reallyone , the Woman ; creature from another realmthat has growng radually in there cesses of his artistic’ soul . his Laura ? his Beatrice ? maybe ! but it is here , perhaps a mystery that lurks closed and impenetrable in his inner self where the infinite meets and continues with a shimmering dance of colors . Lisandro in the painting do not seekeveidentisigns of the passing of time because there is no not. his paintings and his cartoons are like the frames of a film with the camera facing inwards towards the body of the girls, on the tip of their heart . Yet , his women are emancipated , slowly, quietly , and emancipation appearless and lesssun .... the production of copious Ramacciotti but never equal to itself invokes a reflection of how a man can receive the gift of intuition and sensitivity , joint to the observation and a sharp materials. mysteriously I think this is the foundation of all great works , they are men of letters, sculptors, architects, painters and musicians of all those who , in short, driven by their art, both in the clearness of the dayor in dreams of the night, look at yourself and can see light the way forward . " More information at:

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