Dust Storm Commences

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Artist: George Lewis

Title: Dust Storm Commences

Edition Edition of 7. Edition no 1

Media: Archival chromogenic print on Sentra face

Mounting: Acrylic

Dimensions: 91 x 55 cm

Weight: 3 kg

Year of Work : 2011

Condition: Excellent

Location of work: Dubai

Selling Price: USD $ 2,700

Artist Comentary of Work:

I was out with some local Bedouin in an area of Dubai that is still undeveloped and I accompanied the local Bedouin as they brought their camels in on trucks as the storm was coming in and in this image I really liked the simplicity of the sand and the heels of the man’s feet and the contrast of the ancient and the modern. Man being the former in this case and the architecture being the latter. It’s a detailed snapshot of time and if anything the sand that is changing so fast reminds me of the expressions “sands of time” and alludes to the fast changing Arab environment which in my opinion must not lose its deep sense of culture and hospitality. The foreground must be nourished while the background changes so quickly.