Moorise Over the Empty Quarter

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Artist: George Lewis

Title: Moorise Over the Empty Quarter

Edition Edition of 7

Media: Archival Chromogenic print on Sintra

Mounting: On acrylic

Dimensions: 91 x 61cm

Weight: 2 kg

Year of Work : 2011

Condition: Excellent

Location of work: Dubai Selling

Price: USD $ 2,900

Artist Comentary of Work:

This a celebration of the incredibly dramatic landscape that is the “Rub al Khali” (Empty Quarter). I have never seen a sky like this anywhere in the world. This image is taken on a camping trip near Liwa in the Northern part of the UAE. The moon rises here. One of the things that appeals to me about the night sky is that this great sight, arguably one of the most beautiful things man can experience is a reflection of the great Cosmic creation and the fact that we all come from stardust and the differences that separate us as human beings are small and largely illusory.