Artist Statement: Humaira Hussain

“When I paint nature with peace in wilderness, I feel inspired to create a harmonious and joyful community. My compositions burst sensuality and life. I can see them as exuberant souls. Rich colours inspire me most, and then to compose the community from the heart, is what keeps the process fresh and new. As I develop my thought processes and start new paintings, I am more inclined towards paradisiacal perfection and the feeling of submerging into the wonders of winsome, “WOW”.

There is something truly celebratory about flowers, birds and butterflies, there is liveliness. Their transitory nature makes the moment an occasion that deserves to be savoured and remembered with attention and care, drama and boldness. Throughout the painting process I remain aware of this and invest the painting with experience of the moment.

Spare composition focus on a moment of elegance, harmony and dignity. The aesthetic pleasure of illuminated colours and forms is oblivious in my paintings. I am also interested in beauty, it is something people respond to, it is uplifting and hopeful… the desire for it is universe. Nature elevates level of beauty, which moves us and evoke notes of aspiration to vibrate within us.