Artist Statement

I am a self-taught artist. At the beginning I painted landscapes, still life and later I also experimented with abstract art. But I found in the human figure something very interesting, in it I could somehow find the language of the body and how it feels. It was here where I found my line in Neo-figurative art, focusing in women and everything that happens around her. In each line I emphasized the strength of her personality. Although in landscape one can find natural light and spaces I am much more interested in the human figure.

I wanted to deform reality with objects suspended in the air and lines that are lost in the infinite. The concept of my paintings is what exists but is not seen. What we know and what exits and even that which we sometimes kiss but only with our mind, it’s like oxygen. My paintings are of souls that breathe with just a glance, but they are intangible.

The lack of faces is nothing but the opportunity, for the spectator, to identify himself with the character, like in a mirror.