Personal Statement George Wrote On His Consignation Note

Many people have the false notion that we are progressing as a species, when in reality we are falling prey to an increasingly materialistic and egocentric culture. On one level our civilization has become more interconnected than ever before, due largely to the Internet and yet in reality we are becoming more and more disconnected to each other and ourselves. Our race towards globalization has encouraged a neo Darwinian approach to humanity focusing on material gain and distrust of the other. Current global culture does not seek to enlighten through empathy, instead it is often judgmental and ego driven and dominated by the short term: cultural trends seem more concerned with appearance and presentation focusing on what is on the outside as opposed to what is in the inside. I seek as human being through my artwork to shine light onto what we have in common by often sharing something beautiful that we have in common; or looking at religion through the lens of compassion as opposed to through difference.

If we don’t go within, we go without. It is necessary that we, as human beings, recalibrate our passions by seeking to appreciate what is within instead of flaunting what is on the surface. Now, more than ever, it is necessary that we have an intellectual and philosophical indeed spiritual conversation about where we are going as a species.

I believe that my works have the ability to spark these conversations and catalyze this transformation. That is the job of the artist after all to reveal the sacred and take us closer to our true natures.