About Patricia Christie Galleries

Patricia Christie is the founder and Executive Director of Patricia Christie Galleries. As a long time art collector and exhibition organiser, Patricia and her team would like to share their enthusiasm and welcome you into the world of art collection and art appreciation. Through our online galleries, art exhibitions and social media exposure, our mission is to support and promote artists and to help collectors, both Beginners and experienced, to discover new artists, learn about, and collect fine art.

“I am an Anthropologist from Colombia with an artistic background though both family heritage and university education. I grew up surrounded by artists and was raised in a house where our greatest pride was the paintings on the walls. 

Since getting married in 1984 I have lived in Scotland, Turkey, Gabon, Russia, Singapore, UAE, United Kingdom and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as visiting many more countries, all places which have greatly increased my knowledge about people, culture and art.

Patricia Christie Galleries aim is to provide incentive for people to decorate their living spaces with the art they love. We want to share the belief that you do not necessarily require wealth, or vast knowledge of art to collect incredible pieces and enjoy the pleasure living with art brings. 

Living everyday life surrounded by beauty uplifts the spirit and fills you with joy. We truly believe that collecting art — the investment, the excitement of choosing, the trophy hunting, the thrill of the purchasing and sharing it with other people — is fun, rewarding and very exciting. We encourage you to experience it with us”