What’s happening

Novembre 2021

We are very excited and very pleased to launch our new modernised online gallery. We hope you like it and find it easy and pleasant to navigate.   After the hard times of covid we are back with enthusiasm and a great desire to introduce new artist to you and to help you bring new paintings to your home.

Patricia Christie Galleries are now working from Saudi Arabia and from London. In 2022 we will also be working from Baharain. Really looking forward to discovering art and new artist in Bahrain and to share it all with you.  

Our news

October 2016

We are very pleased to say we are now working from London.
Patricia Christie Galleries has now it’s first UK based artist, Orlando Salamanca Torres.
Orlando is an sculptor. Here we share what says about his art:
“The interest point in my work is the interaction of human beings and environment. The work is a comment on human trends, local or global actions. For example in the series “The Guardian” and “Peak” there are references to the position of detachment from the reality of the present environment, an image that we find very common in our present cultural and global condition. It also indicates an exploration of our relationship with technology. These sculptures are composed of layers of meaning that open the possibility of an alternative or more complex reading of the work. “Peak” integrates the cultural and metaphorical meaning of the ladder with the interaction of the figures to compose a narrative. “Line Projection” and “Shoots” are derived from observation of nature in our urban environment and the attempts to control it.”

My work also explores art vocabulary through color, form and space.
O n 9th March we had a fantastic opening of the exhibition ”While Waiting” of Syrian Artist Loai Salahadeen at the One and Only, Royal Mirage, Arabian Court. The exhibition will open to the public until april 8/16
Hope you can come and see it.


While waiting…
Time has wonderful meanings
Hope flies like a bird and carries us by the strings of confidence
Faces hanging from memories
Other faces light up with love.
We put on our faces and go looking for the homeland of all seasons
Where the soul longs to the color of ground…
Where all the masks vanish…
Only the truth remains pure as a Swallow bird which is not afraid and never calm.
Loai Salahedeen

Poema de Matilde Espinosa de Perez.


No busco pañuelo
para llorar;
me acerco a las mujeres
que inventaron el tiempo
tejiendo coronas
para los hijos muertos.

Inmóviles y turbios
igual que los espejos
se vivieron los días.
Un alba desgarrada
dejo su azul amargo.
Nada pudo el salterio
de las antiguas voces
arrancar de los cielos.

Se deshizo el misterio
rodaron los silencios
y en un gotear de lluvia
naufragaron por siempre
las palabras

Yesterday we visited Saatchi and Saatchi gallery.
I enjoy most art galleries, but there is something exceedingly, almost annoyingly, cool about this one.
It’s located in the absolute chicest area of London- Sloane Square- where the ladies dress in Chanel jackets and the men parade in Ferragamo suits.
This exposition was called ”Body Language” and the thread throughout the exhibition was the human figure. There were dozens of great artists, but my favorite was Japanese artist Makiko Kudo, who introduced a sort of distorted manga figure into his massive, colorful and vibrant paintings.
If you are in London, pay them a visit, you won’t regret it.